17 MAY 2022

Pythagoras acquires Lennaert Nijgh copyrights

The Netherlands Investment Fund Pythagoras Music Fund (PMF) has reached an agreement with the heirs on the acquisition of the copyrights of Dutch lyricist Lennaert Nijgh.

With this acquisition, PMF acquires the author’s share of all rights to song texts written by Lennaert Nijgh for various Dutch artists. The publishing rights remain with the original music publishers.

Lennaert Nijgh is one of the Netherlands’ best-known lyricists, whose name is inextricably linked to that of Boudewijn de Groot. Together they wrote classics such as Land van Maas en Waal, Testament, Meneer De President, Meester Prikkebeen, Jimmy, Avond and Pastorale.

De Groot and Nijgh also wrote the well-known songs by Rob de Nijs, such as Jan Klaassen De Trompetter, Zuster Ursula and Malle Babbe. But also Jasperina de Jong, Jenny Arean, Herman van Veen, Paul de Leeuw, Flairck, Fred Piek (ex-Fungus and ex-Amazing Stroopwafels) and (ex)-daughter Astrid Nijgh achieved success with Nijgh’s lyrics.

Nijgh’s oeuvre comprises several hundred works, including lyrics for the musical De Kleine Johannes, De Engel van Amsterdam and Ik, Jan Cremer. Lennaert Nijgh received the Gouden Harp for his work in 1970. In 2014 Buma/Stemra established the Lennaert Nijgh Prize, which is awarded annually during the Buma Awards to a lyricist who has made a significant contribution to Dutch music culture.

On behalf of the heirs, cousin Edward Nijgh is pleased to announce that the copyrights of all song texts are in good hands with PMF: “Especially with the prospect of possible renewed exploitation and recording of the often poetic and often timeless lyrics by John Ewbank’s team with contemporary artists, a whole new generation can once again become acquainted with Lennaert’s unique oeuvre. In this way, his status as one of Holland’s most respected lyricists will be immortalized and guaranteed for years to come.


Source: Entertainment Business