Pythagoras Music Fund is the first, and only, Dutch based investment fund acquiring music rights worldwide with a focus on continental Europe. Since the establishment of the company in 2021, over 35,000 music rights and master recordings are represented by PMF, including several #1 releases and many well-known classics. PMF strives for diversification within the portfolio with songs dating as far back as 1960, many different genres and a well-spread variety of artists.


The portfolio includes many songs that are successfully promoted in over 200 synchs worldwide. Examples of synchs are Venus in the commercials of Gillette, Hocus Pocus in the movie Baby Driver, Robocop and Trolls 2 and Loud Places in a commercial of Louis Vuitton.


PMF is an investment fund financed by private and institutional investors. The impressive growth in streaming has made music rights revenues more predictable, allowing PMF to value catalogues more accurately, attracting more and more investors. The music rights owned by PMF have proven to generate a stable revenue, even in times of recession. Next to the stable income, owning a part of some of the world’s most popular songs, or even some of an individual’s favourites, is an opportunity PMF provides to investors.


In addition, PMF creates an attractive opportunity for creators of music to bring cash flows forward resulting in new financial options. Young musicians use the proceeds to provide financial security or to invest in their future career. Other musicians prefer a cash sum over a long term stream of music rights. John Ewbank, John Brands and Hein van der Ree all have had long careers in the music industry and are well-known with the sensitive aspects of a musicians life’s work. The sale of music rights to PMF is a carefully thought out process covering legal and financial aspects.

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