During the first few months of the year, our focus was on the Barton catalog acquisition (including hits by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin). After calling capital in November 2022, we were able to finalize the acquisition of the catalog in April 2023. This purchase includes absolute evergreen classics that are rarely available on the market. In that regard, it is truly unique, and now we can start working with it!


Immediately in the first week after the acquisition, we received three great requests for usage of our songs in Netflix and HBO series. That was a promising start. In April, this positive momentum continued when we received the first indications that a worldwide Sinatra musical is being produced. We immediately contacted the Sinatra Estate and other parties that are potentially involved. Currently, we are negotiating to have Pythagoras music used in this musical. The owners of the used music will receive a percentage of the ticket revenues. This becomes particularly interesting if the musical becomes a global hit!


In this quarter, we also acquired the catalog of Dominic (King) Bugatti. Bugatti became successful in the 70s with disco hits such as “Music Sounds Better With You” (Stardust/Daft Punk), “Every Woman In The World” (Air Supply), and “A Woman In Love” (The Three Degrees). He also co-wrote a song from the movie Grease (“Girl For All Seasons”). This catalog fits perfectly in our strategy.


You can find playlists of the acquired songs and that of previous acquisitions on Spotify (via our profile Pythagoras Music Fund).